Ranch Horses

The "Ranch Horse" is so much more than just a horse.  They are our friends and co-workers. 

On a busy day a good ranch horse can make or break you.  Good using horses are a valuable asset to any operation.    Being able to take our horses out and give them a job better prepares them for the show and competition arena. 


Gator is a 2013 model gelding who we purchased in 2016 for $200.  When Gator came to us he was mishandled and destined for the kill pen; however Ryan saw potential in this guy and with a lot of work and consistency he has become one of our top mounts.  Winning checks at ropings, being a PRCA pickup horses, working around the ranch and teaching our boys to rope.   

The Fox

The Fox is as steady of a mount as you could ask for.  A retired pickup/bull horses Fox has carried Rodeo Queens and flag men.  He is now retired to the ranch where kids and inexperienced riders use him to gather pastures and trail ride, occasionally we crack him back out in the roping pen. 

Krogs Gray Hickory

Purple is a 2018 model AQHA/FQHR gelding sired by Playlight.  He was started by Ashley Royle and is currently being shown by Ryan and Ashley.   Purple is no stranger to a hard days work.  He has an excellent mind and a lot of potential.   We love having him around and look forward to his roping career.

Bet On Rio

Artie is a nice sized gelding who  has a ton of athletic ability.  He has a big heart and lots of try.  Artie  is starting to make a nice ranch gelding and will be started in the roping pen soon.  He just came back from  training with Dillon Staton and we are really happy with how he is coming along.


Jake the mini donkey was delivered to us from Santa a few years back.  He has become part of the family.  Jake is a sweetheart and helps to gentle colts.  He is always a hit at parades and loves attention.

Be sure to check out the Sale Barn page to see who is available for purchase

Just a sorrel?
A sorrel is a horse that has earned his place, not hiding behind or relying on his unique, flashy coat color to make him stand out in the world.

A sorrel is more heart and try than I have ever seen in a horse.
A sorrel is a horse who's value is solely based on substance, ability and mind, not on cosmetics.

A sorrel is a horse that should never be underestimated.