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The Sale Barn

We believe the horse buying experience should be a pleasant experience for both buyer and seller.  We have met some amazing people throughout the years selling horses; some customers have become life long friends.  There have also been a few buyers who have taught us that we need to have some firm ground rules.  That being said please respect our purchase policy and browse away.  

Our Policy

  • All sale horses require a purchase contract (for the benefit of both buyer and seller)

  • We  will state any soundness or current behavior issues  known at the present time (if applicable)  these will be included on the purchase contract and agreed upon.

  • Pre-purchase examinations are welcome at the buyers expense

  • There are no guarantees unless otherwise stated in the purchase contract.

  • We encourage anyone interested in buying a horse to first come try the horse.  We have an arena, cattle, roping steers and wide open spaces for trail riding.

  • If you or your farrier alter the horses feet in anyway there will be no refunds. Period. 

  • You are welcome to personally or through your agent examine (brush, bathe, clip, pickup feet) the horse you would like to purchase (no rush).   However should you over look any cosmetics blemishes (scars, bumps, lumps etc.)  we will not be held responsible for your inability to notice such things and NO refund (full or partial) will be issued.

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